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Want to reduce your LMR system outages by 50%?

[fa icon='calendar'] Aug 22, 2019 4:19:29 PM / by Andrew Boswell posted in Remote Monitoring, Wireless Transmitter, IIoT, MOTOTRBO

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Industry-leading Motorola Solutions recently conducted a global survey of Land Mobile Radio (LMR) system managers across 24 countries. A key finding of the research was that organizations that monitor their systems 24x7x365 have had nearly 50 percent fewer outages in the past year than those that do not.

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Measuring and Monitoring Voltage Wave Standing Ratio (VSWR / SWR)

[fa icon='calendar'] Sep 21, 2018 8:23:27 AM / by James Craig posted in Remote Monitoring, Wireless Transmitter, Voltage Wave Standing Ratio

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Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR or SWR) is an important stat for transmitter sites that should be continuously measured and monitored to be able to see - and frequently preempt - a problem before it has a significant impact.

VSWR / SWR is worth paying attention to on a wireless transmitter site as it:

  • Is a good measure of the overall health of the antenna system
  • Can highlight degraded system performance – coverage, voice quality, data throughput, etc.
  • Helps avoid damage and failure to transmitters and repeaters from high VSWR
  • Indicates if the system is performing as designed and intended
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